Everyone that works for the club should have an open door policy when it comes to the parent relationship. Oftentimes parents don’t understand the game. Help them and get on a first name basis with them. Perhaps watch a game with them if possible.


If youth players want to get better, they need to accept responsibility and strategically practice everyday. Doesn’t have to be an hour, it can be twenty minutes. Use a wall or juggle a ball, keep it simple & free.


Clubs need to build a sense of community from top to bottom. A staff coach who has never coached before should feel as important & welcomed by the club as the executives. High schools have team feeds bi-weekly or once a month. Clubs can incorporate this concept to build friendships and build chemistry.


Emphasize the benefits of “Futsal” and attempt to get away from injury prone indoor soccer.


Winning IS important. Losing IS important. Technical training IS important. Tactical training IS important. Injury prevention rehab IS important. Agility training IS important. Most of all having FUN is more important than all of these, soccer is a game. Please remember that this game will help build character, discipline and structure in your child’s life. They may or may not sign a multi million dollar deal with a premier league team, however, they will be in a good position to graduate high school and prosper in life.


The cost of soccer in the United States is high considering you need a ball and two trash cans to play in a street, if that. That said, it is still lower than some sports in the United States. Does that make it okay, no it doesn’t. There are options though. You can play for less expensive clubs and still play the same level of competition in 2020 without leaving your state. This might not have been available twenty years ago, the platform has changed. The money to offer scholarships is there if clubs spend less on other items.


If your child is miles ahead of the youth program in your state. Get them involved with PRACTICES with the adult amateur leagues in your state if appropriate. I promise you it will help develop your child and they won’t be the best player on the field anymore.


Clubs don’t need 100 teams and States do not need 20 divisions. Players get lost in this format. That said, don’t force a player to move up. That is their own choice. If they want to play another sport, support them.

The list goes on & on.

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Enjoy your Sunday! Stay home and get some touches on the ball.

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