Not enjoying playing youth soccer?

Play another sport. You don’t HAVE to play soccer year round because coaches told you that. You might even excel at that new sport.

Find a coach you enjoy playing for. If you dislike your coach, you won’t enjoy soccer as much. A child only has 13 years to play youth soccer.

Accept the idea that you CAN have fun at any level of play. You can be on a third tier team and be thrilled. You don’t have to get a full ride scholarship to college. In fact, there are many Adult Leagues that fit any level of play once you graduate high school.

Join the same league or team as your friends. Invite your team over or attend team dinners/parties. Play pickup in the park.

Play different variations of soccer. 11v11 can get boring quickly. Play 3v3, Sand Soccer, Futsal, Indoor, Soccer Tennis & 5-a-side.

Play FIFA on your game console & watch or attend professional matches.

Take a break from soccer during the summer if you want to.

Winning IS much more fun than losing. That does not mean the 90 minutes you played was not FUN because you lost. You can be excited for your friends & yourself regardless of the result.

Be honest with your coaches & parents. If you don’t say anything, soccer will not magically become more fun.

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